What to Expect

etc. venues St. Paul's,

27 November 2017


LONDON // 2017

Industry Focus

  • Update your IP management practices through technology
  • Understand the best techniques in commercialisation of soft and hard intangible assets
  • Find the latest IP theft protection applications
  • Set your legal IP affairs accurately 
  • Build a bridge between your R&D and IP depertments
  • Learn how to use IP as a collateral when borrowing
  • Strong focus on SMEs

  • A.I. & Advanced Machine Learning
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Conversational Systems
  • Automations and Data Analytics 
  • Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Drones
  • 3D Printing
  • Autonomous Transportation
  • Next-Gen Batteries
  • Software and Gaming
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security and Data Privacy 

Listen to over 25 speakers leading the world of Intellectual Property. Attend 5 heated panel discussion, 4 stand-alone presentations and 5 networking sessions. Meet with 150 attendees and 200+ online viewers looking beyond tomorrow in an ever-changing IP world. Get the tools, insights and inspiration you need to take your IP management to the next level.

Get a fresh perspective.

Explore new areas.

The Future Tech IP Summit explores the  uncharted territories of Emerging technologies with strong focus on IP management and commercialisation for Small to Medium Size Enterprises. 

etc.venues St Paul's is a state of the art conference centre and London is the most prominent innovation hub in Europe. We are bringing in the best speakers in the industry at the same time, into the same room. What a chance!

etc. Venues St.Paul's,

200 Aldersgate, St. Pauls, London EC1A 4HD,

27 November 2017

Founder and CEO at Dovetailed

World class speakers!

Vaiva Kalnikaitė

Ken Bird

CEO at West Coast Software

Agenda for the conference

The full conference programme for the Future Tech IP Summit is initially provided upon request only.

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Simple pricing plans for the FTIP Summit


IP Owners/SMEs/

In-House Legal Counsels

Eary Bird rate available until 12/06/2017


Service Providers*

Early Bird rate available until 12/06/2017

*Including, but not limited to law firms, IP consultancy firms, translation firms, IP software providers.

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