Presenting - a day in the calendar of a modern law firm:

  • Harnessing technology to reach new levels of profitability
  • Managing a law practice in an era of digitisation 
  • Strategies and best applications in dealing with change in an ever-evolving legal industry
  • Understanding the future business of law 
  • Networking with like-minded colleagues


LONDON, 4 MAY 2017 

Be a Tech-Step Ahead.

Listen to over 25+ speakers and network with 150 attendees and 200+ online viewers looking beyond tomorrow in an ever-changing legal reality. 

Get the tools, insights and inspiration you need to take your legal practice to the future.

etc.venues St Paul's is a state of the art conference centre and London is the most prominent legal market in Europe and the European centre of legal innovation, so we are able to bring in the best speakers in the industry at the same time, into the same room. What a chance!

etc.venues St Paul's,

200 Aldersgate, St. Pauls, London EC1A 4HD

4th of May 2017

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Managing Partner

Taylor Vinters LLP



World class speakers!



Richard Tromans

Managing Director 

Ruby Datum

Founder TromansConsulting

Editor-Artificial Lawyer

Daniel Pollick

Zeev Fisher

Richard Tucker



Managing Director

Cosmonauts Ltd.

Claire Cooper

Ben Gardner

Data & Information Architect

Linklaters LLP

Head of EMEA Pre-Sales at iManage

Ed Turner

Nominate a Speaker

Founding Editor

Legal IT Insider & Gonzo News

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John Kennedy

Chief Marketing Officer

Wildbore & Gibbons LLP

Claire Florey

Robert Marcus

Rebecca Agliolo

Managing Partner

Jurit LLP

Robert Lankester

Geoff Hornsby

Document Automation Manager

Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

CEO & Founder 

High-Tech Bridge 

Al Keve

Global Director of Business Development 

McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Gordon Stark

Meet Our Chairman

Chief Operations Officer 


CSO & Co-Founder 

RAVN Systems 

Peter Wallqvist

Chrissie Lightfoot


Robot Lawyer LISA

Managing Director

Peerless IT

Ian Williamson

Emily Foges

Director Tech Law


Timo Karakashev

Head of Communications

Kohen Rapoport Group

Commercial Director


Business Development Manager


Nicholas Watson

Nick Thomson

Chief Revenue Officer Workshare 

General Manager EMEA


Jason Moyse

Ilia Kolochenko


LawMade/Elevate Services

Philip Ayton

Peter Lee

Paul Walker


Wavelength Law

International CIO & Director of Business Transformation

DLA Piper

Charles Christian

Media Partners

Innovation Partners

Law Firm Partners

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Click on the logos for further details

Main Stage - A day in the calendar of the modern law firm

9:00-9:45   Registration and Breakfast

9:45-10:00   Chair's Introduction

- Daniel Pollick, International CIO & Director of Business Transformation at DLA Piper

10:00-10:55 Board MeetingIs it all about operational efficiency?

  • Making an informed choice by using technology and business intelligence expertise to compare fixed price model vs. traditional pricing model
  • Identifying areas of operations suitable for outsourcing
  • Automate areas of the workflow to increase profitability
  • Measure the growing impact of non-lawyer companies offering legal services
  • Should our focus be on client satisfaction or client profitability?

Panel Participants: 

- Ed Turner, Managing Partner at Taylor Vinters LLP

- Robert Marcus, Managing Partner at Jurit LLP

- Gordon Start, COO at Murgitroyd

- Ian Williamson, Director Tech Law at EY

- Jason Moyse, Co-Founder at LawMade/Elevate Services

10:55-11:55 Coffee & Tea Networking Session

11:55-12:45 Business Development & Marketing Forum -Measurables vs Intangibles.

  • Focus vs one-stop-shop
  • Tackling client dissatisfaction and increasing client retention
  • Measuring everything - applying technology to measure client engagement and maximise the chances of referrals from clients
  • Considering the role of online marketplaces
  • Getting the correct marketing and business development support in positioning your law practice in an increasingly competitive legal landscape

Panel Participants: 

- John Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer at Wildbore & Gibbons LLP

- Al Keve, Global Director of Business Development at McDermott Will & Emery  LLP

- Claire Florey, Head of Communications at Kohen Rapoport Group

- Timo Karakashev, Managing Director at Cosmonauts Ltd.

- Zeev Fisher, CEO at Pekama IP Community

12:45-13:00 Your Clients, Technology & You.

An engaging presentation investigating the underlying reasons why clients now demand and expect efficiency from law firms, whilst revealing solutions that enable law firms to achieve the ultimate goal of profitability.

- Claire Cooper, Business Development Manager at InfoTrack

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:10 Why We Cannot Stop the Growth of Cyber Crime - an Expert Opinion 

- Ilia Kolochenko , CEO & Founder at High-Tech Bridge & Forbes Technology Council Representative 

14:10-14:45 Cyber-Security, Data Risk, Training & Compliance Forum- Safeguarding systems and data, managing the risk.

  • Cyber incident response
  • Become GDPR compliant
  • Dealing with sensitive client data outside the EU directives
  • A world of walls - controlling access to documents and client data within the firm and outside of it
  • Alternative training practices
  • Safeguarding client's information through technology

Panel Participants:

- Charles Christian, Founding Editor at Legal IT Insider & Gonzo News

- Ilia Kolochenko , CEO & Founder at High-Tech Bridge 

- Philip Ayton , Director at Sysero

14:45-15:00 The Pros and Cons of "Cloud" v's "On Premises" for legal technology.

  • Cloud services offer many advantages, from scalability, cost effectiveness, and complete access. But... does this mean that on premises IT infrastructure doesn't provide any advantages? Should you be putting everything in the cloud: email; matter management, document management; and even your telephone system? This talk will run through the pros and cons of cloud versus on premises IT infrastructure, considering security, data protection, operational costs, and performance. 

- Richard Tucker, MD at PeerlessIT 

15:00-15:50 Tech & Innovation Forum- Are we embracing tech and maximising return on investment? Are we innovating?

  • Cloud transformation
  • Increasing importance of IT & Technical experts in the modern-day law firm
  • An era of automation
  • Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain

Panel Participants: 

- Ben Gardner, Data & Information Architect at Linklaters LLP

- Robert Lankester, Document Automation Manager at Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

- Marie Elisabeth Bernard, European Director of Innovation at Dentons 

- Peter Lee, CEO at Wavelength Law

- Nicholas Watson, Managing Director at Ruby Datum

15:50-16:05 Making Innovation Work for Lawyers

  • We love to innovate at Workshare. Our innovation is informed by a deep understanding of both the changing landscape of how modern lawyers draft and review high stakes documents but equally importantly the challenges and hurdles the IT leadership must consider to enable it to happen. This session outlines some of the key insights from research we’ve carried out among over 200 of our customers, and provides inspiration and best practice for marrying technology and innovation to help lawyers modernise how they work while satisfying the needs of IT and the firm. 

- Nick Thomson, Chief Revenue Officer at Workshare 

16:05-17:10 Coffee & Tea Networking Session

17:10-18:00 A.I. - a lawyer's best friend?

  • How much impact has legal AI had so far on the legal market? 
  • How soon before every law firm is using A.I. in some form?  
  • Practical ways in which Legal A.I. will change how lawyers work 
  • Will Legal A.I. change the way that clients (large and small) make use of legal services?  
  • A.I. and the challenge of the billable hour

Panel Participants:

-Richard Tromans, Founder at TromansConsulting + Editor at Artificial Lawyer

-Peter Wallqvist, CSO & Co-Founder at RAVN Systems

-Emily Foges, CEO at Luminance

-Chrissie Lightfoot, Co-Founder/Creator at Robot Lawyer LISA

18:00-18:15 Perceptions from “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” - Closing Remarks

  • Legal technology and access to justice
  • Our perception of the legal technology marketplace
  • What lawyers of the future will do 
  • The need to evolve legal education
  • The skills required of tomorrow’s lawyers

-Rebecca Agliolo, Commercial Director at LawBot

18:15-19:30 Drinks Reception

19:30 Back to Present

Agenda for the conference

11:00-11:45 Pekama IP Community - Disrupting outdated foreign associate relationship management practices

The Pekama IP Community is a global group of over 400 intellectual property experts who work with each other on preferred terms and using our proprietary technology.


For IP experts, the Pekama IP community offers the opportunity to grow their business through improving their professional relationship network and reaching every corner on earth. Pekama gives IP attorneys valuable data on potential partners, and particularly on the quality of their work, their pricing structure and the potential of reciprocal work.

 For non-IP lawyers, The Pekama IP community offers an affiliate program. Affiliates of the Pekama IP community who refer work to a Pekama IP Community member can have the community’s guarantee that service to the clients will be superb and there are options for referral fees as well.

Join us for a demonstration of how lawyers can work together on cases in a modern, digital world!


- Zeev Fisher, CEO at Pekama

16:15-17:00 iManage – It’s how Modern Legal Professionals Work

iManage was designed by users, for users and leverages AI, machine learning and big data analytics to enhance user productivity. We studied hundreds of lawyers across a wide range of practice areas and asked what would make their work easier. We then translated that wish list into a modern, user-friendly experience that enables a frictionless workflow. iManage has a simple and intuitive user-interface that ‘users just get’ and makes searching as easy as a good internet shopping site. Smart Timelines allow a quick view as to how a document has evolved and who has changed or viewed it, while Smart email management, improves the accuracy of suggested email filing locations and automatically tracks and groups email threads.


Join us for this 45 minute demonstration as we walk you through a day in the life of a Modern Legal Professional using iManage solutions and learn more about how iManage can work for you.


- Geoff Hornsby, General Manager EMEA at iManage

- Paul Walker, Head of EMEA Pre-Sales at iManage

Innovation Stage - Product Showcase

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